It’s April??

Published by dothy under Personal April 11, 2014

How time flies so fast! The last time I’ve posted here was March and now it’s already April???

I’ve been busy with work and family for the past months. Been doing a lot of things including a vacation.

Yay! We were able to go on vacation after I dunno how many years!

I wanna go back where we’ve been though but next year maybe. :)

Ok, it’s back to work for me again! Lots of backlogs!

DJ Controller

Published by dothy under Online Stuff March 19, 2014

Are you looking for a complete DJ system that will work on your PC or Mac? Why not try numark mixtrack pro. I know someone who recently bought one and was really happy about his purchase.

According to him, the built-in sound card is convenient and there’s a console that allows you to browse your iTunes library as well.

This is really worth the money, as he told me.

Really recommended.


I want to eat…

Published by dothy under Food March 14, 2014

1. Kare kare

2. Mussels

3. Inihaw na bangus

4. Chicken feet

5. Lugaw


These are the foods I missed eating! I wish I can go to my hometown to eat these, lol!

Violin Lesson

Published by dothy under Personal March 14, 2014

Summer is near and that means… I must think of summer activities for my eldest. She’ll get bored if she has no other activities so I am thinking of enrolling her to a summer program. Maybe art lesson? Violin lesson?

I’m thinking of a violin lesson for her. But we have to buy the instrument first and accessories like violin bridge. She’ll surely enjoy it.

Aside form that, maybe swimming?

What are you plans for your kids this summer?

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